Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) face many development and testing challenges unique to their business. The ability to envision, design, test and deliver high quality software products can be scary. Necessity to meet aggressive time to market pressures. After analyzing and understanding the needs of ISV's and focusing on proven rapid development techniques, we created a suite of best practices and processes. These processes not only allow for the development of high quality software, but also enables us to respond quickly to the ever-changing market-driven needs of our ISV clients be it is Early Stage, mid stage or Large ISV.

Advantage on collaborating with Ampere Team:

  • Reduced Time to market
  • Reduce Risk
  • Focus on overall business and marketing
  • Reducing development cost over 40-50%
What Customer Wants:
  • Give me the best product
  • Ramp up the time to build the product
  • Keep me well informed on schedule, cost and time
  • Share our market risk
  • Give me the control of product development team
  • Quote me flat prices per month

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Quick Updates
  • Developed a Contract Monitoring Tool
  • Developing an ATM kiosk software
  • Research project – audio and video observation
  • Developed ERP for a client located in USA