Careers with Ampere

At Ampere Software, you will get intellectually simulating opportunities to work with the best in industry. Your work will revolve around challenging products and prestigious clients, products which have million dollar risk behind them, which will enhance your skill set, knowledge base and experience every day and will also give you a satisfaction to work and develop world-class products.

Ampere’s environment of empowerment, intellectual challenge and wealth sharing gives its employees unparalleled opportunities to be the best they can be.

Ampere’s energy, free spirit and commitment to human values have played a significant role in its success story so far. It instills these qualities into every new member of its family. Active, unhindered participation brings everyone closer to each other, making work fun.

At Ampere, people have the freedom to initiate and realize their goals. Reap the benefits with us as the world watches.

You are free to send us your resume for consideration to work with Ampere Software, Ampere will contact you whenever we have suitable opportunity that matches with your skill sets and overall portfolio.

Ampere is looking out for Directors, Independent Directors, Business Associates, Business Development Managers, Senior Developers, QA Engineers, SEO Executives. Please forward your profile at career email address.

Delivering the Product

Ampere delivers the product, not just IT projects Ampere provides exclusive software product engineering services to help software companies of US, UK and Europe to build world-class software products in less time and with fewer efforts. We combine the talents of highly skilled engineers available in India with proven product engineering practices to deliver what the customer is looking for.

Ampere Software creates sustainable and competitive advantage by: Complementing your team with some of the brightest technical minds possessing expertise in enterprise class architectures, tools and technologies. Introducing and enforcing next generation development processes. Establishing a foothold for you in India, the world’s fastest growing economy. Reducing your ongoing costs of engineering by 50-75%. Offshore Outsourcing!