Offshore Product Development (OPD)

Outsourcing is not a latest phenomenon, from when history began mankind familiar with making job done with experts. Product development offshoring also have decades of his history behind it. OPD is not only meant for cost cut but also for value addition and innovation.

Why OPD?
Competitive pressures, shorter delivery time and cut time-to-market and globalization are key factors that drive product companies to take the outsourcing route.

Now a days ISV are facing numerous problems in product development, like:

  • Lack of adequate resource
  • Time-to-market
  • Increasing production Cost
  • Decreasing Profitability
  • Team retention
  • Changing customer requirement

OPD is nothing but tapping best resources around the world which will provide a cost effective, qualitative and innovative path of product development. Engage with OPD client can reap benefits like:

  • Dropping Production Cost
  • Access to Global Resources
  • Increasing production Cost
  • Innovative Product Development

White Paper : Offshore Product Development - Ampere's Exclusive Download Here

Outsourcing Product

  • Cost Savings and so as the profits
  • Save internal resources
  • Time 2 Market
  • Ease of business, seamless service
  • More focus in businessgeneration.
  • Reuse of platforms & Investment
  • Access to skilled engineering team
  • Joint Innovation

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Delivering the Product:

Ampere delivers the product, not just IT projects Ampere provides exclusive software product engineering services to help software companies of US, UK and Europe to build world-class software products in less time and with fewer efforts. We combine the talents of highly skilled engineers available in India with proven product engineering practices to deliver what the customer is looking for.

Quick Updates
  • Developed an Contract Monitoring Tool
  • Developing and ATM kiosk software
  • Research project audio and video observation
  • Developed ERP for a client located in USA