Software Product Engineering

The purpose of Software Product Engineering is to consistently perform a well-defined engineering process that integrates all the software engineering activities to produce correct, consistent software products effectively and efficiently. Software Product Engineering involves performing the engineering tasks to build and maintain the software using the project's defined software process and appropriate methods and tools.

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The software product engineering tasks include:

  • Requirement Analysis: Analyzing the system requirements allocated to software
  • Prototyping: An overview of the problem in a miniature system form
  • Architecture Design: Developing the software architecture & designing the software
  • Product Development: Implementing the software in the code
  • Product Testing: Testing the software to verify that it satisfies the specified requirements
  • Product Deployment: Installing the software at user site
  • Maintenance & Migration: Bug fixing, porting to different platform
  • Product Support: Providing various patches and bug fixes and up gradation

Documentation needed to perform the software engineering tasks (e.g., software requirements document, software design document, test plan, and test procedures) is developed and reviewed to ensure that each task addresses the results of predecessor tasks and the results produced are appropriate for the subsequent tasks (including the tasks of operating and maintaining the software). When changes are approved, affected software work products, plans, commitments, processes, and activities are revised to reflect the approved changes.

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More on Offshoring:

Setting up an Offshore development center, Captive Centers is becoming imperative, the task of creating a software product development, maintenance and support center can be daunting. Acquiring the right hardware and software, finding qualified resources, securing facilities and creating the infrastructure to support advanced network and applications development needs can quickly drain precious time, capital and resources. Contact Ampere and learn how we can help you!

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Outsourcing Strategies
  • Outsource auxiliary activities and keep the core at first
  • Treat the development center as a startup that will learn from your expertise and time
  • As your offsite operations mature, send more critical work

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Quick Updates
  • Developed an Contract Monitoring Tool
  • Research project audio and video observation
  • Developed ERP for a client located in USA
  • Flex based financial software, USA
  • Airline reservation system, France