Communication is key to your success. Our Customers and the Software product Engineering teams engage in frequent and effective communication throughout the Product Engineering Life Cycle. Communication with remote teams is always a big challenge in Remote Outsourcing. We realize the importance of effective communication in making outsourcing and offshoring a success and makes sure that an effective communication channel is always maintained between the customer and the engineering teams at all levels. There are several ways by which we ensure that we are in constant and effective communication with the customer for his software product development and testing:

  • Single point of contact for the customer at Ampere India called Account Manager who is responsible for product development and customer liaison.
  • At least 2-3 hours of common time for communication daily. Helps the customer to keep a track of the product development and make swift corrections to the progress of his product development or testing.
  • Well documented, public, non-proprietary, de-facto development standard
  • Broad industry support tools, techniques, best practices templates
  • Avoids terminology gaps project delays, cost overruns due to semantic gaps
  • Methodology facilitates incremental, iterative and parallel development
  • Gives clients ultimate flexibility vendor independence
More on Offshoring:

Setting up an Offshore development center, Captive Centers is becoming imperative, the task of creating a software product development, maintenance and support center can be daunting. Acquiring the right hardware and software, finding qualified resources, securing facilities and creating the infrastructure to support advanced network and applications development needs can quickly drain precious time, capital and resources. Contact Ampere and learn how we can help you!

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Outsourced Developer
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Quick Updates
  • Developed an Contract Monitoring Tool
  • Research project audio and video observation
  • Developed ERP for a client located in USA
  • Flex based financial software, USA
  • Airline reservation system, France