Flexible Business Models

Ampere offers a variety of business models to suit its clients outsourcing strategy. Ampere brings the advantages of operating from India, coupled with its expertise and knowledge of communications technologies to its customers, thereby providing its customers with cost-effective high technology outsourcing solutions.

Dedicated Development Center :
When you set up an offshore development center with dedicated resource with AMPERE, you get the following: All hardware, software licensing and office infrastructure already in place a dedicated team of professionals who will learn your business and become a part of your team. Seamless collaboration between offshore office and client project staff through live chat / email / voice / video . All staff assigned to your team will report directly to you or your project manager and follow your directives and timelines.

Project Based :
Are you looking for professionals to help you build your projects? If so, consider AMPERE as your world class partner. We will work closely with you to understand your project's requirements, deadlines, technologies and needs to determine the best team to make your project a success.

Maintenance Projects :
Just because your project is complete does not mean you donít need professional technical support for your existing applications. Our staffs are available to you on a dedicated basis to review your existing applications and provide you the support and technical updates that are needed to maintain the competitiveness of your applications. If you are a new customer to AMPERE, ask us about our maintenance plans that enable you to take care of your application beyond the major development phase. Maintenance Services are available to your regardless where you had your application developed

Dedicated Development Team :
This incorporates a pool of specialized, multi- disciplinary resources that are organized and managed by Ampere to meet the customer explicit business objectives. Billing is based on man-months expenses at the contracted rate and expenses as approved on actual for on-site work.

It meets the long term outsourcing strategy and allows for a quick start An effective and established offshore development strategy which works like an 'Extension' to your own teams Dedicated team trained on your line of business, systems and processes Infrastructure dedicated to your projects, with dedicated high-speed communication equipment Hardware, software, tools etc in line with your development environment, providing exclusive access to your 'Extended' teams leading to higher transparency in management and progress and thereby ensuring security of work products.

Ability to change the specifications at any time since the ODC is in your control Team management, with the best available talent, is a responsibility of Ampere Leverages the project management and organization building skills at Ampere to your advantage Exploit time-zone advantage, IP protection mechanism Billing as based on: Man month expenses at the rate contracted, Expenses as approved on actual for onsite work.

Contact today and reap the benefits of global working outsourcing strategies. E-mail: sales@amperesoftware.com

More on Offshoring:

Setting up an Offshore development center, Captive Centers is becoming imperative, the task of creating a software product development, maintenance and support center can be daunting. Acquiring the right hardware and software, finding qualified resources, securing facilities and creating the infrastructure to support advanced network and applications development needs can quickly drain precious time, capital and resources. Contact Ampere and learn how we can help you!

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Advantage Outsourcing
  • Cost Savings and so as the profits
  • Save internal resources
  • Time 2 Market
  • Ease of business, seamless service
  • More focus in business generation.
  • Reuse of platforms & Investment
  • Access to skilled engineering team
  • Joint Innovation
Quick Updates
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