Software Performance Testing

We offer services for determining the performance of an application under various load conditions and provide recommendations for fine-tuning and scalability. Our performance-engineering services are spread across the application development cycle right from pre-rollout evaluation to post implementation and maintenance.

Our performance engineering services include:

  • load testing
  • stress testing
  • performance tuning and recommendations
  • integrity testing
  • planning
  • architectural benchmarking

Performance and Throughput Testing: Our Customers can choose from 16 different metrics for which Ampere has well-defined processes and tools to measure load, stress, contention and volume. Customer defines the hardware and software platform. The customers have on-demand access to a variety of skills from protocol engineers to database specialists to kernel gurus to ensure that the defects are isolated regardless of which layer of application they reside in.

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Outsourcing Strategies
  • Outsource auxiliary activities and keep the core at first
  • Treat the development center as a startup that will learn from your expertise and time
  • As your offsite operations mature, send more critical work

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Quick Updates
  • Maintenance of custom medical billing application
  • Testing of smart client application – EMR software
  • Testing of web based supply chain management software
  • Testing of Video Caption Software, USA