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Microsoft.NET framework of Version 2.0 extends the .NET framework of Version 1.1.NET framework includes various user interface types such as Windows forms, ASP.NET and the compact framework. It also includes the official languages C#, Visual Basic.NET and J# and the Development environment. In this section we shall focus on the main changes brought into the .NET framework by the 2.0 version.

Support for 64 bit platform application development. These applications can run faster and take advantage of more memory that is available and users can build managed code libraries or easily use unmanaged code libraries on 64.bit machines. Access control list support (ACL). This is used to grant or revoke permission to use a particular resource on a computer. Several new classes have been added to the .NET Framework to enable manage code to create and modify ACL. Members that use ACL have been added to the I/O, registry and threading classes. ADO.NET now supports user defined types, asynchronous database operations, XML data types, large value types, snapshot isolation, and has attributes that allow applications to support multiple active result sets(MARS) with SQL Server 2005.

ASP.NET has received most attention. A number of new features have been added to ASP.NET such as new controls for development of dynamic web pages. New Data controls for displaying and editing data that do not require the user to write code add to the ease of application development. The code behind model developed for use in ASP.NET makes it more robust. New caching features such as ability to cache dependency tables in SQL server database have been introduced. The current version allows users customize web pages in a number of ways. Property values for individual user profiles can be automatically tracked.

Console Class Additions of members to the System. Console Class enable the manipulation of dimensions of the console window and screen buffer. This is extremely useful for creation of animations which require moving a rectangular area of the screen buffer. Other new members in this class help control the foreground and background colors of texts, the visibility and size of the cursor and the frequency and duration of the console beep. And many more new things are introduced in .NET 2.0 framework.

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