Flex software development

Flex is a relatively advanced technology based on Macromedia Flash tool, a full-fledged development platform ranked to a branch standard. Flex is a foremost open-source development framework enabling you to build extremely interactive, visually rich and customizable web applications for a large array of reason.

Flex applications provides rich interactivity and awareness to the users:

  • Visualization, loading data and execution is agreed out in a much well-organized manner.
  • Benefit from web deployment model's conventional amenities like single-sign-on and secure data transfer with Flex applications being accessed via standard web browsers
  • Helps programmer in building reusable rich interactive components
  • Flex applications are suitable, integrated and pretty flexible to convene line-of-business requirement in enterprise application development environments
  • Audio and video can be incorporated, allowing even greater interaction
  • Data synchronization allows real-time data pull from back-end to application
  • Flex does offer an outstanding environment for improving the user experience, it still significant to sustain knowledge of things like the back button, book marking, and auto complete.
  • Flex provides programmers a number of choices for data transfer between the Flex client application and the server, including AMF3, XML, SOAP, and straight HTTP requests.

Flex allow developing applications for mobile platforms and supporting a broad range of devices. Just as Flex can be used to write a web based application or desktop application, it can be used to write software for mobile devices. Flex rich application development allows developers to develop software for the web and desktop applications that many people can use compatibly today. It controls the tools, servers, and development models that’s make the importance of Flex in the software industry for rich media applications like flex development and flex application development.

Our Recent Flex development update: Team Ampere developed a Rich Internet financial application to maintain Money Merge Account System (MMA) for Agent/Client in US & Canada for a financial software company based in US.
Business Focus : Finance, USA
Technology : Adobe Flex/Action Script 3.0, .NET, XML, MVC, LINQ
Team Size : 8
Business Arrangement: Dedicated development and testing team

An Offshore Software and Web Development, ASP/.NET, AJAX, FLEX Programming, Ecommerce Solutions and Rich Web 2.0 Application Development Company from India. Ampere is an Offshore Software development, Outsourced Product Development and ASP.Net, Web Application Development Outsourcing Company in India, offering IT software services. We have expertise in Microsoft .Net Framework, .NET 3.5, .NET 2.0, C#, ASP.NET, XML, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Flex, HTML, CSS, XML, Web Services etc.

Specialist in : web application development, web portal development, e-commerce solutions, hire PHP developers, hire asp.net developers, ERP and CRM software development and maintenance etc. Offshore India Developer, Outsourced Programming Services etc.

Flex Software Development
Flex programming services by Ampere vary from consulting and business analysis to efficient server-side programming with the usage of PHP, Java or .NET, we also provide our customers with Flash design and client-side programming, flex and flash development.

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Hire Dedicated Developers
In this engagement model you can extend your staff to our development center by hiring the services of dedicated developers. You can start with a single developer and scale-up to a full-fledged project team. Engaging with us will help reducing your administrative costs associated with hiring and training/etc. You can concentrate on your core business and leave all the technology requirements to us.

Fixed Cost Projects
Projects with a fixed budget and timeline and deemed as fixed cost projects. This engagement model is ideal for small or medium sized projects wherein the requirements are fixed and not likely to change during the development process. The engagement model is commonly used for projects wherein the end-user is the buyer of the product.

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Clients Feedback
  • Ampere was very adaptive and responsive to our needs.
  • Team learned our business very quickly and we are pleased with the results of our outsourced product development. Team at Ampere is doing a great job!
  • This looks great - I really like this application - I definitely think this is the way to go. By the way, it seems as if everything works perfectly - I also love the export capabilities. I do like your screen design layouts and menu bars - easy to use and very intuitive.
  • First of all, let me thank each one of you on doing a great job. The demo went very well, and the client was very impressed with the deliverables. I really appreciate the effort all of you have put in so far for this demo. Keep up the good work

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