Ampere’s e-Governance Vision Statement

Information Technology today is recognized as an effective tool for catalyzing the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing human resource. As the era of Digital Economy evolves, the concept of good Governance assumes a greater significance. It is expected that in this context the Electronic Governance will result in improved transparency, speedy information dissemination, higher administrative efficiency and improved public services in sectors including transportation, education, power, health, water, security and the state administration and municipal services.

Our e-governance support services has the capability to deliver an end-to-end solutions needed. Our consultants would bring a combination of experience and expertise to design and develop the strategic roadmaps and implementation blueprints. From accomplishing detailed initial analyses to architecting application solutions through selection of appropriate technology to implementation and maintenance, Ampere will walk in every step of the way. Supporting Government on their IT initiatives.

Ampere has always been in the forefront of working as an independent IT Partner whose arena of work has been rendering IT Services to Commercial/Enterprise customers worldwide and Now focusing also on Government IT Initiatives. Our range of IT services is an outcome of the professional knowledge derived from extensive and specialized intellectual training and experience. Ampere started in 2005 and focused primarily on the North America market to the enterprise customers. Ampere is associated with Software Technology Park of India and partner member with Microsoft.

Ampere' service professionals understand how to build an infrastructure that stands the test of time. In fact, large, complex, international, mission-critical operational challenges bring out the best in our service experts. Ampere can help make customers’ day-to-day operations run more smoothly with: Professional Services, Consulting Services, Migration Services, Testing Services, Training, Application Management Services, Other Business Support Services.

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Clients Feedback
  • Ampere was very adaptive and responsive to our needs.
  • Team learned our business very quickly and we are pleased with the results of our outsourced product development. Team at Ampere is doing a great job!
  • This looks great - I really like this application - I definitely think this is the way to go. By the way, it seems as if everything works perfectly - I also love the export capabilities. I do like your screen design layouts and menu bars - easy to use and very intuitive.

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