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Outsourcing is not a latest phenomenon, from when history began mankind familiar with making job done with experts. Product development offshoring also have decades of his history behind it. OPD is not only meant for cost cut but also for value addition and innovation.

The Saga
1980’s Manufacturing companies were moving their manufacturing capacity to low -w age labor market to gain cost-saving advantage across the globe. Companies such as I B M and He welt-Packard develope d system software and operating system kernels in India. 1990’s Internet revolutionizes d the way of making business. Software companies began to outsource non-intellectual property related work like documentation, quality assurance & product maintenance of maturing products. Prove Quality became the main mantra. Vendors invested in Six Sigma and Capability Maturity Mode l programs to enable metrics to demonstrate not only adequate, but superior, quality and process 2000’s To focus more on brand and to shorten time to market Software companies started outsourcing their core business; Product development to country like India. Now a day Indian I T firms become innovative business partner of US base d software biggies.

Why Offshore Product Development?
Competitive pressures, shorter delivery time and cut time -to-market and globalization are key factors that drive product companies to take the outsourcing route.

Now days ISV are facing numerous problems in product development, like:

  • Lack of adequate resource
  • Time -to-market in
  • Creasing production COST
  • Decreasing Profitability
  • Team retention
  • Changing customer requirement

The Cake
OPD is nothing but tapping best resources around the world which will provide a cost effective, qualitative and innovative path of product development. Engage with OPD client can reap benefits like:

  • Dropping Production Cost
  • Access to Global Resources
  • Innovative Product Development

Offshore Product Development to INDIA

  • By the year 2003, Indian software product development companies had been captured 0.2 % of the $180-billion global software product market - NASSCOM
  • Indian product development market is estimated to grow to $8-11 billion by 2008 as global sourcing will no longer be an optional strategy for the product companies by 2007-08. - NASSCOM
  • The Research and Development (R&D) outsourcing market for information technology in India is estimated to grow to $9.1 billion by 2010 from $1.3 billion in 2003—a compounded annual growth rate of 32 percent. -Frost & Sullivan
  • An estimated 400-500 releases a year of various software products are happening from India

Where in India?
Choosing the right partner in OPD is the most crucial decision for a product company when it is going for off shoring. Headquartered in Delhi, capital of India, Ampere Software is the brain child of young Indian technocrats who have ample exposure of the industry. Ampere software is dedicated to provide innovative assistance in product development backed by a pool of skilled manpower on demand. Ampere Software collaborate with I SV’s, ASP’s, startup & midsize product companies to provide world class product development architecture in a cost-effective, fast & innovative way.

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