Business Partner

Successful and mutually rewarding partnerships are based on honesty and integrity. At Ampere, we deeply believe in the core values. Our relationship with our partners is based on these core values.

Ampere's Partner Program empowers our partners to multiply their service offerings and earning potential. Our partner program is developed around the following global industry best practices:

  1. Quick Collaboration
  2. Complete Support
  3. Revenue sharing (honest and hassle free)

We are keen to partner with companies that have strong relationships and track record in their domain / technology / geography. We believe that we can enhance our partners ability to

  1. Take on small to larger projects
  2. Offer a larger variety of services
  3. Build flexibility and scalability into their offerings
  4. Improve margins and price competitiveness by reducing the cost of execution

We are also interested to associate with independent consultants, sales agents, business managers, project managers and IT consultants to collaborate for any projects that they might have access or can refer a business opportunity they might know! We pay the top commission/referral fee on every business we get through our independent associates.

How can Partners get started?

Interested partners can contact us in the following ways:

  1. Call us at the numbers listed on our website
  2. Chat with us for quick meeting
  3. Send a mail to

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