Offshore IT Partnership

Offshore IT Technical Partnership in India with Ampere
Ampere offers offshore setup of IT companies, dedicated staffing for our IT technical partner in India. We setup your offshore development team, programmers, designers project managers in India by providing our professional staff. As a technology partners we will provide you with the following:

  1. Dedicated Developer, Programmers, and Designer Resources
  2. Best Offshore Outsourcing Arrangement
  3. IT infrastructure, communication tools etc.

Our Dedicated Developer Programmers and Designers service enables you to pick and choose the Offshore staff for your offshore development team or office setup. The Dedicated developers that you want to work with. It gives you access to the right kind of skills that you need to make your business or setup your IT offshore team. Most offshore companies or businesses need a lot of time to keep up with the staffing issues in India. With Ampere setting up your technology offshore offices, you have a team of skilled IT professionals all the time available on the call. With your own Offshore Office you enjoy the cost-cutting (up to 60%), timesaving benefits of doing business offshore without the risks associated with traditional vendor outsourcing. It's your business, your staff. Offshore IT technical partnership Dedicated Developer, Programmers Staffing, Collaborative Project Management for Our Offshore IT partnership in Europe, USA, India.

Our offshore office set-up provides a formulated approach to rapid development, programming, designing, and staffing according to your needs. Our parallel processing approach results in a fully-operational Technology Center in just 2 to 3 weeks. We take care of the following:

  1. The entire office setup
  2. High Speed Internet access 24/7
  3. Staffing and Hiring (Project managers, Developers, Programmers, Designers)
  4. Office space and rentals
  5. Timesheet tracking and management daily
  6. Telephone, fax, VOIP lines

If you are a professional services providers and want to associate, collaborator, or partner with Ampere to provide you with cost effective software website design and development, offshore software development, outsourcing office setup with dedicated staff in India for your company's IT requirements in software development, enterprise B2B B2C, web e-commerce solutions in India. We are IT technical development partner India for your outsourcing association and offshore collocation in India, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chandigarh.

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